• Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado

    Adado is a wonderful micro-region of Yiracheffe. The coffee has amazing altitude on which to grow (in this case, 2000-2400 meters above sea level) and comes home with notes of stone fruit, and lots

  • Ecuador La Papaya

    Compared to the rest of the coffee producing world, Ecuador is tiny. It's production of washed Arabica (the majority of specialty coffee) is less than one percent of Colombia. This is not because fantastic

  • Mexico Finca Kassandra Pacamara

    Complex, outgoing, and unique. Three words that seem to best describe the Finca Kassandra Pacamara. With notes of melon, strawberry, pomegranate, citrus, sweet basil, chili pepper, and raw sugar, it has a lot going

Latest News

Finca Kassandra Pacamara is back

It’s back in stock. This year’s harvest has more density than last year, and it’s a stunner. Get some while it

Stock and Season

We have a few new coffees coming up to take the place of those that are no longer in stock. There will be exciting new coffees from Africa and Central America arriving in the next few weeks, as well

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