• Ethiopia Konga

    As a cream-of-the-crop washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, we expected things like floral aromatics, citrus and stone fruit notes in the cup, and a delicate body. What is particularly exciting about

  • Ecuador La Papaya

    Compared to the rest of the coffee producing world, Ecuador is tiny. It's production of washed Arabica (the majority of specialty coffee) is less than one percent of Colombia. This is not because fantastic

  • POTEMKIN Decaf Espresso

    The flavor, body, complexity, and general excellence of Potemkin may give every indication of being caffeinated, don't be deceived. The caffeine has been removed by chemical-free decaffeination methods--either Swiss Water Processed and Mountain Water

  • Mexico Finca Kassandra Pacamara

    Complex, outgoing, and unique. Three words that seem to best describe the Finca Kassandra Pacamara. With notes of melon, strawberry, pomegranate, citrus, sweet basil, chili pepper, and raw sugar, it has a lot going

  • Subscription: Pour-over

    If your brewing method of choice is not espresso, we'd recommend this subscription. In general, coffees designed for this brewing method are brighter and more complex with lighter body and a focus on distinction and nuance. We'll send

  • Subscription – Espresso

    Enjoy two coffees that sing as espresso every two weeks--one 12oz bag, one 3oz bag. An espresso roast is one that, in general, has a more developed sweetness, body, and simplicity of flavor. Many

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All online orders ship Wednesdays via USPS Priority Mail. We encourage you to visit one of our coffee shop partners for your whole bean coffee purchases when

Finca Kassandra Pacamara is back

It’s back in stock. This year’s harvest has more density than last year, and it’s a stunner. Get some while it

Stock and Season

We have a few new coffees coming up to take the place of those that are no longer in stock. There will be exciting new coffees from Africa and Central America arriving in the next few weeks, as well

Finca Kassandra Pacamara @ 94 on www.coffeereview.com

We were happy to hear that among all of the wonderful single-origin, single-varietal coffee offerings, the folks at www.coffeereview.com gave our Pacamara from Finca Kassandra in Mexico the second highest score on the bill. Also of note, of the

On the publication of roast profiles

We source our green coffee from a number of places and with a number of partners, one of which is a wonderful importer called CafeImports. CafeImports has been great to work with. They’re always after the next best thing

Coffee Tasting Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our ‘regions and roasts’ event. We had a full house of great people who all love coffee and who tasted got to try the formal process of coffee tasting known

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