• Rwanda Karongi Gitesi

    This coffee is deep and complex without being loud. It's a coffee that really unfolds as it cools, revealing layers of sweetness and subtly different shades of tea, fig, citrus and floral against a

  • Colombia – Finca Las Brisas Microlot

    This is one of the top coffees from the "Best of Huila" competition held in Garzon, Huila at the end of the last harvest this year. 92 producers submitted their best, each to be cupped

  • Ethiopia Misty Valley Natural

    Misty Valley is a legendary name among Ethiopian Coffee, and in years past, it was possible to get. Since Ethiopia changed how they export coffee, the Misty Valley name--and the coffee that made it

  • Kenya Githembe AA

    Kenya. Oh Kenya. Every year, Kenya's best lots are sold at auction and we have the opportunity to cup through the best of them. This year, Githembe's AA offering caught our full attention. Its wonderful

  • Mexico Finca Kassandra Pacamara

    Complex, outgoing, and unique. Three words that seem to best describe the Finca Kassandra Pacamara. With notes of melon, strawberry, citrus, sweet basil, chili pepper, and raw sugar, it has a lot going on.

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We have a few new coffees coming up to take the place of those that are no longer in stock. There will be exciting new coffees from Africa and Central America arriving in the next few weeks, as well


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